Why Mobile

Slider_Mobile WizardIs your website doing well on mobile phones?

Is it easy for a visitor to navigate through and read your website’s content on a mobile device? Or your visitors are forced to pinch the content and zoom it for going through the content over your website?

It’s a big fact that the use of mobile devices is increasing day by day and about 50 percent of the prospective customers in every industry are accessing the internet via mobiles only.

Wherever you go, people use to search for local restaurants, businesses and other fun information on mobile devices only. Still, more the ninety percent of small and medium scale business websites are far behind the times. They are not at all optimized for mobiles and hence are losing potential business opportunities. At the same instance, their own mobile savvy competitors are taking the benefit of their mobile friendly websites and are leading the market.

It’s also a well known fact that Google has made some major changes in its algorithms and now it’s impossible to get better search engine rankings without having a clean and responsive website.

So, your customers are going mobile and you should follow them in order to rule the time. Be sure to grab the biggest piece of mobile business before your competitors snatch it from you. Direct Mobile Link is always there to help you get a fully responsive website with the call to action buttons that are more than enough to earn more and more conversions.

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