What You Might Not Know About Apple iMessages


Have you had your iPhone for a while and still do not know everything it is capable of and can do?  Have your friends and grandchildren passed you by?  If so here are just a few text shortcuts, hints, tips and tricks to learn what you might not know about Apple iMessages.  Grab your phone and enjoy.

Turn off your Read Receipts notifications – if the Send Read Receipts function is on (green is showing) you are letting the person know when you actually read their text.  If you read all of your text messages right away, this is a non-issue.  If you let them sit for a while, it is your decision as to whether you want the sender to know there was a delay.

DO YOU WANT TO YELL?  ALL CAPS has come to mean yelling.  As you begin a text and to CAPITALIZE all, double tap the arrow key, the left side above the 123 key to LOCK.  Double tap to unlock.

Do you want to block incoming calls and texts?  If one of your contacts – go to Settings, Phone, Blocked, Add New – select from your contact list.  You can repeat this for Messages and Facetime.  If not saved as a contact – go to your green phone app, Recents, find the number, tap the circle i, at the bottom tap Block this Caller.  When you get the message that tells you that you will not receive anything from this person, tap Block Contact.  If you have second thoughts, tap Cancel, no harm, no foul.

To put messages and Facetime into or take out of blocked – Settings, Messages or Facetime, Blocked, Add New.

To reverse and unblock a contact – go to Settings, Phone, Blocked, in upper right corner tap Edit, left of the name tap the red Delete button, select the red Unblock button.

Will those blocked know it?  NO.

These actions still allow you to contact them.  If you want no contact at all, delete them from your phone.

If a blocked number calls you, they will go directly into a voice message Blocked Calls.  If they text, they think it went through and you will never see it.

If anyone persists, you must physically add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

Do you want to delete all of parts of a text message conversation?  In the conversation, put your thumb and hold on a bubble you want to delete, then select more, and a check mark will appear, select all bubbles you do not want, in the lower left corner, tap the icon of a trashcan.

Do you want to add Emojis (like a happy face)?  Go to Settings, General, Keyboard, then Keyboards, tap Add New Keyboard and select Emoji.  You can also add different languages.

Do you know how to tell if you are using iMessage?  As an iPhone owner, you are (blue bubbles) and are not using any of your data limit.  If you see a green bubbles, they are not and your limit may be impacted.

Did you receive a Not Delivered notice?  If iMessage is down, you will get a red !, tap ! and Send as Text Message.

Do you need a foreign language accent?  Hold the letter down and select the accent you need.

Do you need to know a text time sent?  Swipe to the left within a text message and times will show on the right.  This function will not lock the screen.  You have to hold it to read the times.

Do you want to use your own shortcuts for responses?   Go to Settings, Keyboard, Add New Shortcut at the bottom, and create your own.  Like ih for I’m here, rl for running late.  Have fun with this one.


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