Small Companies Mobile Marketing Techniques

Small Companies Mobile Marketing Techniques

Mobile marketing techniques are simple to implement.  See what you think.

  1. Your material needs to be user friendly, worthwhile, informational and beneficial to your readers.
  1. To deliver your material, utilize the MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service).
  • MMS will convey your story with sound, exciting pictures or images or a video.
  • You can also compose an alphanumeric text that connect to your company’s mobile website.
  • MMS will remove the 160 character limitation set by SMS Messages.
  1. You must get the mobile owner’s consent prior to you sending them any type of message. If you send anything without their consent you have become a spammer.  That designation damages your credibility with readers online for a very long time.
  1. Keep in mind that not every mobile phone or device is the same when you are doing mobile marketing. You will need to create content that is able to accommodate and speak to your readers on a basic level and not overly specific.  As examples:  Individuals have internet connections that are not as fast as others and dependent on the device, the viewing screens will vary in size.  Remember this while writing your material or choosing the accompanying images or videos.
  1. Complete a mobile marketing research study prior to you starting any advertising project. Know and understand what your readers will react to and how mobile advertising will mesh with any other advertising projects you have in place.  Work with a mobile marketing coach or mentor when you are unsure of making the best choices on your own.
  1. Success in this mobile age suggests that you ought to be connected to your customers through mobile marketing, and that can also be by asking that your customers connect with you. When sending videos and messages to them, ask if they have any comments, suggestions to improve or if they would like to share something with you.  This can be easily done when your company has a blog page included on your company website.  You will find that you are able to increase your profile by posting and publishing reader’s or customer’s videos.
  1. The use of QR Codes, which resemble square bar codes, gives you an efficient way to advertise. These codes are new and can engage your customer when you have provided discount coupons or media.  They are scanned by your readers or customers using an application on their mobile devices or smartphones.  Find different methods to integrate the QR Codes using them throughout any online product offers or printed advertisements.
  1. Location, location, location. Do you know where your consumers could be each day?  With this knowledge you will learn how to market to them specifically.  For instance, on Saturday afternoon, do you think trying get them out of the office and have them use a coupon during their lunch hour will be successful?  Keep in mind to use the correct context for your mobile advertising and do your best to understand where they are and what they’re doing.
  1. If you would like to see your sales advertising converted into purchases, select planned call-to-actions that are enhanced by and for the mobile experience. A standard call-to-action on a mobile platform that sends a visitor to online forms and pages can be cumbersome to say the least if they are not optimized.  Optimized can be explained as not being adapted to the location.  When was the last time you were on your mobile device and couldn’t read a website’s page due to its setup and size?  Most readers would leave.  So now you need to remember to make your call-to-actions mobile friendly and fit smaller screens with buttons that are click-to-call or simply reserve a consultation time.

Mobile marketing is not a walk in the park for the faint at heart.  This type of advertising takes time to understand and put into practice and will come will a cost, especially if you need to make your company website mobile friendly.

Online sales are not decreasing, statistics are showing these sales will continue to increase with the use of mobile devices.  If you haven’t done so yet, you really need to get on with deciding whether you are going to take advantage of mobile advertising and you want to capture a part of the revenue being spent online.

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