iPad User Guide Tips After Purchase

iPad User Guide

iPad User Guide Tips After Purchase

Very few iPad users have unlocked an iPad’s full potential.  Learning how to operate your new iPad as it was intended is essential to gain an understanding of its full capabilities.

Continue to read the secrets to unlocking your iPad’s potential through the help of the iPad User Guide Tips listed below.

  1. Apple’s quality control assures its customers that they always and thoroughly examine all of their applications before showing them on the store. This means that you can generally trust the quality of that item you plan to purchase or receive.  However, you should at least give a cursory look at the reviews of any previous user and you are able to do this directly from the store.
  1. If you have not ever had an iPad before, you may be overwhelmed. The iPad is user friendly and nearly impossible to screw up.  Just start playing with it and see how much you can figure out on your own.  For even those considered as the most computer inept people around, should be able to handle an iPad.
  1. For a frozen iPad, a soft reset is the perfect reboot. You do this by holding down the home button and the power button simultaneously for several seconds and the iPad will then reboot.  When you want to shut down an application, hold the home button down for several seconds.
  1. For the devoted iPad user who travels a lot, it is important to carry an extra battery that is charged. It is very inconvenient to have your iPad lose power when working on any type of public transportation without the hope of plugging into a charger until you have reached your destination.  This is probably the most important iPad User Guide tip and you should have been this at the time of purchase.
  1. If you enjoy frequently using smiley faces or alternate emoticons, have the Emoji keyboard setup. To get the Emoji keyboard, tap settings, General and Keyboard.  Tap the international keyboards’ icon and look for Emoji.  Adding it is easy, all you do is simply tap the word Emoji.  The next time you see the onscreen keyboard, Emoji’s will be there.
  1. Turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use. Your iPad constantly searches for Wi-Fi signals whether you want that or not, when you leave your Wi-Fi on.  When you are out and do not need Wi-Fi, simply turn it off and this will extend your battery.
  1. When the battery in your iPad has fully depleted, charge it as quickly as possible. Storing the iPad with a dead battery for a long period can affect its ability to hold a charge in the future.  Once a month, let the battery run down completely before you charge it to 100 percent.
  1. Do you need to switch from one application to another? If so, activate the multitasking gestures in the general tab of your settings.  You can then swipe up to see your multitasking bar, swipe to the left or right to change applications or pinch your fingers to access your home.

You are now equipped with some of the best iPad User Guide Tips known for your new iPad.  Try each tip and start to experience the nearly limitless possibilities with your iPad.


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